Supporting Our Public Schools & Early Childhood Education

Access to education is access to opportunity. As a country, we need to do a better job of valuing our educators and ensuring our students are getting the quality education they need to thrive. 

As the daughter of a public school teacher and a product of Long Island public schools, I firmly believe we need to invest in our public schools to ensure every child can get a great education, no matter where they live. And as someone who was saddled by student debt myself – we desperately need to address the student debt crisis by making college more affordable and committing to broader student loan forgiveness. I also believe we must double down on job training and apprenticeship programs to ensure good paying jobs are accessible to hardworking Americans with or without a college degree.

Since the start of my career in public policy, I’ve been an advocate for quality, affordable child care. Unfortunately, the current child care market has left too many families with few options and unmanageable costs, even forcing some parents out of the workforce. In Congress, I will fight for policies that help give every family access to affordable child care, including expanding tax credits, implementing sliding-scale subsidies, and working toward universal pre-K. To meet the growing demand for quality child care, it’s essential that we pay child care providers wages that reflect their critical role in our economy.