Protecting Women’s Rights

I wholeheartedly support the constitutional right to abortion as recognized by Roe v. Wade, and in Congress I would oppose any attacks on the standards Roe protects. This issue is a personal one for me as I faced an unplanned pregnancy my senior year of college. I was totally unprepared and scared. I made the decision that was right for me, to have my oldest daughter Karina, but it was my choice. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to tell me what to do in those moments. This is the essence of choice. And I will never take my right to choose for granted, nor will I let the increasing attacks on these fundamental freedoms go unchecked.

I support the Women’s Health Protection Act that seeks to codify Roe. With the current makeup of our Supreme Court, and increased attacks on our rights coming from red states, we must do everything possible to protect the rights that generations of women have fought for. 

Beyond pushing back against the attacks on our rights, we need to be pushing for policies that support women more broadly. Policies like securing twelve weeks of paid family leave, increasing access to birth control, universal childcare, and addressing rising maternal mortality rates, including long standing inequities that disproportionately harm women of color.