Improving Health Care Quality and Affordability

I firmly believe that every single American should have access to quality, affordable health care. The Affordable Care Act has helped millions of Americans get insured, but we can’t settle for less than universal coverage, because nobody should go bankrupt trying to get the care they or their family needs.

In Congress, I will advocate to give every American the option of a Medicare plan, allow Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices, expand access to tele-health, and protect a woman’s right to choose. In addition, with Suffolk County’s rapidly growing senior population, it’s important that we shore up our workforce to ensure families have access to high-quality, affordable caregiving for seniors.

Finally, if there’s anything my work combating the opioid crisis has taught me, it’s that access to mental health resources in this country are severely lacking. I am an advocate for true mental health parity to ensure those facing addiction or mental illness have comprehensive coverage for both their mental health and physical health.