I truly believe that more of us share the same hopes and dreams for our families and communities than some politicians and pundits would have us think. Finding that common ground starts with listening, which is why I would love your input on the issues: Take Our Issues Survey >>

Creating Jobs You Can Raise A Family On

I will fight for investments in our infrastructure, green technologies, affordable housing, business incubators, and job training and apprenticeship programs to support our economic development without sacrificing our Long Island way of life.

Protecting Long Island’s Environment

There’s no greater threat we face as a nation and globally than the effects of climate change. Long Island is especially vulnerable, which is why protecting our environment has been a top priority of mine in my ten years as a legislator and chair of the Suffolk County Legislature’s environment committee.

Strengthening Our Democracy

Our democratic system is one we can no longer take for granted. It relies on protecting the right to vote, ensuring every American has equal access to the ballot, and upholding legitimate election results in this country.

Lowering Long Islanders’ Cost of Living

Long Islanders face a higher cost of living than almost anyone else in the country and wages and benefits have failed to keep up. There is no greater priority for me than ensuring we are a place of opportunity for all.

Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

It will be my mission to ensure federal infrastructure investment is put toward Long Islanders’ top priorities, from getting properly paved highways, to modernizing the Long Island Rail Road and fixing dangerous or bottlenecked intersections.

Improving Health Care Quality and Affordability

I firmly believe that every single American should have access to quality, affordable health care. The Affordable Care Act has helped millions of Americans get insured, but we can’t settle for less than universal coverage, because nobody should go bankrupt trying to get the care they or their family needs.

Protecting Women’s Rights

I wholeheartedly support the constitutional right to abortion as recognized by Roe v. Wade, and in Congress I would oppose any attacks on the standards Roe protects. This issue is a personal one for me as I faced an unplanned pregnancy my senior year of college. I made the decision that was right for me, to have my oldest daughter Karina, but it was my choice. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to tell me what to do in those moments.

Honoring Our Veterans

There’s so much more we must do to ensure our veterans are successful upon their return home. As the proud daughter and granddaughter of Army veterans, I am determined to honor the immense sacrifices our veterans and families have made in order to keep us safe at home.