Honoring Our Veterans

Suffolk County is proudly the home of the largest veteran population in the state and one of the largest in the country. Too often, our politicians offer little more than lip service rather than putting in the work to get rid of the red tape that stands in the way between these brave men and women and smooth transition back home. Instead, we ought to be working in bipartisan manner to take bold action aimed at driving down veteran suicide and homelessness rates. We should be finding ways to better provide them access to quality medical care, mental health resources, education, skills training, and employment services. 

From investing in much-needed updates in our VA health care system to partnering with local organizations who have built trust within veteran communities – there’s so much more we must do to ensure our veterans are successful upon their return home. As the proud daughter and granddaughter of Army veterans, I am determined to honor the immense sacrifices our veterans and families have made in order to keep us safe at home.