Lowering Long Islanders’ Cost of Living

Long Islanders face a higher cost of living than almost anyone else in the country and wages and benefits have failed to keep up. Republican policies like capping the state and local tax deduction have only penalized New Yorkers and made this problem worse.

To keep costs low, we need to do more to secure our supply chains, increase American manufacturing, and decrease our dependence on foreign energy. We also need to address the need for affordable health care, housing, child care, and elder care that add to the economic burden of so many families and young professionals. It’s past time we raise the cap on SALT taxes, extend the child tax credit, and make sure large corporations are paying their fair share in taxes. Finally, we need to reform the tax code and other benefit and program formulas to actually reflect the cost of living in places like Long Island. There is no greater priority for me than ensuring we are a place of opportunity for all.